GEM-MT 10: A Gem Mint 10 card’s attributes include 50/50  centering, razor
sharp corners, no marks, no stains,no print errors, and under close
examination, appears as clean close up as possible, flawless characteristics  
Clean Card. 100 %

MINT+ 9.5: A Mint+ 9.5 cards attributes include centering 55/45 on the card. 4
sharp corners, no blemishes, or marks, must have a superior clean surface,
and under close examination, be above with the highest characteristics

MINT 9: 4 sharp corners, clean surface 65/35 centering one small flaw is
permitted, color must be vibrant, and under close exam have the highest
standards, but limited to one scarce flaw.

NM-MT+ 8.5: A Near Mint/ Mint+  A card with superb centering, 2 minor flaws
are permitted, must show great color and vibrant, card must have 4 sharp
corners, and appeal to close examination as well as the naked eye.

NM-MT 8: A Near Mint/ Mint 8 A card with a 4 sharp corners, but upon
examination, may exhibit a very light soft corner, a clean surface front and
back, and have continued high centering, and be appealing.

NM+ 7.5: A card with 70/30 border centering a few minor small flaws, possible
a print mark, a corner imperfection detected under close exam.

NM 7 : A Near Mint 7  70/30 card centring, light corner wear allowed, a minor
scratch or mark, looks in NM condition to the eye.  But under close exam
flaws may be spotted.

EX-NM+ 6.5: This card will have light corner wear slightly off center (oc) and
may have a few flaws permitted.  Light corner wear, light color, and but must
uphold all characteristics.

EX-MT 6: An Excellent/ Near Mint  A Card with slight off centering(oc) corner
imperfections, markings,a light scuff under examination.

EX+ 5.5: A EX 5 A Card in excellent condition, average characteristics.

EX 5 : A card that is sub par to a 5.5 with minor flaws, including off centering,
marks, light wear.

VG/EX 4: A card with 80/20 centering, fuzzy corners, slight loss of color, light
marks, imperfect.   

VG 3 : A card with rounded corners, a light crease may exist, light discoloring,
marks or scuffing.

Good 2: A card 90/10 center, creases evident round, fuzzy corners, markings
scuffing, low characteristics displayed and are evident

Poor 1: A card 95/5 centering, creases, marks, scuffs, round fuzzy poor
corners, poor color to the naked eye and exam.